A lot of courses for every taste

We serve

  • Chinese food
  • Indian food
  • Thai food
  • Japanese food
  • Pizza

We wish you a warm welcome

Asian Diamond is an Asian restaurant in Kauhava. We serve Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese food. We also serve sushi and pizza. Lunch is served every weekday between 10:30-14

We invite you to enjoy yourself rich choice of Asian dishes. With us you will get into the world of Chinese, Indian, Thai and Japanese cuisines. Our restaurant creates original recipes, color and structure of the harmonic combinations. We also have delicious pizzas. We offer an extensive menu that caters to a broad range of clientele. Every item on our menu is prepared fresh throughout the day by our experienced chefs in a flavorful yet healthy, low-fat fashion with absolutely no chemical additives. Our concept appeals to a varied market by providing a healthy, satisfying meal, distinct from other common Asian fare. Among other things, we can book dining facilities for both small and large groups, celebrate festivals, corporate events or even weddings.

We wish you a warm welcome and we promise that you will not be disappointed!